Sign Design Tips

18 June 2015
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So you want to get your business noticed? Well, having a great design for your business' sign or decal is a great start. Coming up with that perfect design is not always the easiest thing to do however. Design takes time and patience as well as some know-how. That said, here are some basic tips on designing a great sign that will capture the attention of anyone who sees it.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is key with most things, especially if your sign is going to be on a billboard or something that people will look at while driving. Simple ideas will get your point across and will also allow your idea to be known as clean and clear cut.

A sign that isn't simple, one that has many different colors, fonts, and shapes will often disorient people before they realize what is going on. Choosing something simpler will keep the attention focused on your sign without having too much going on.

Sound too general? Here are some specifics that will help you keep it simple. Try and keep a simple color pallet, meaning only a few colors. They can be bright and bold, or toned down, but by limiting the number of colors that clash you can increase readability. Try and keep one font throughout the sign, and if you can, keep it the same within all of your marketing. That will allow people to remember your brand by the font as well (see the next section for more specifics). Finally, don't mix too many shapes, as this can also be very disorientating. Overall you are trying to increase continuity and readability, so keep that in mind when designing your businesses sign.

Remember, some of the best brands in the world have very simple and iconic designs that make them memorable. Follow their lead when looking to design your sign.

Use a custom typeface

If you can design your own font that will suit your brand to a 'T', choose that over spending hours looking for the perfect font online. While there are many options out there for you to choose, it also means that there are many out there for everyone else to choose. Seeing the same font everywhere makes things boring for the readers and makes them not want to spend the time to read your text.

Making your own font, however, virtually guarantees you that no one will steal your font and that you will be instantly recognizable to anyone who sees your sign again. Being unique in this day and age is imperative, and a custom typeface guarantees that above all else.

Finally… Have fun with it

If you don't enjoy designing your sign, then that will come across in the overall design to the people seeing it. A stiff designer makes a stiff and boring sign. Let loose and be open to changing things up to make your sign engaging to your audience. Just remember, make it a labor of love and have fun! For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Trim-Line Of Central Alberta Ltd.