Three Ways To Make Your Business Sign Stand Out

3 March 2016
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When you own a business, you rely on your sign to catch the attention of a prospective customer and relay information to him or her quickly. Given that a customer might be driving past your sign and only have a brief glimpse at it, it's important that your sign has as much impact as possible -- failing to deliver in this regard is unlikely to cause the person to stop and become a customer. A key thing to remember is to avoid overloading the sign with data; while you understandably want to convey your message, you want to do so in a manner that is concise and easy to follow. Here are three other tips for making your sign effective.

Pick A Clear Font

Many businesses make the mistake of selecting a font that might seem visually appealing but lacks impact. Complicated fonts with plenty of squiggly lines can be difficult to read -- both from afar and while driving past the sign. It's ideal for your font choice to be as clear as possible. Generally, those that are bold can be effective. Think, too, about the contrast between your font color and the sign's background. There should be a clear contrast, such as black and white, so that people have no trouble being able to quickly read the sign.

Invite Customers With A Call To Action

An integral element of successful business signs is that they feature a call to action. This means that they encourage or invite prospective customers to engage with the business in some manner. For example, the call to action could be asking customers to check your website, stop in your retail location for outstanding deals with this month or connect with you on a specific social media platform. It's ideal if the call to action includes a benefit for the customer. For example, connecting on social media could give the customer a coupon to use for online shopping.

Consider Using A QR Code

An effective way to balance between overloading your sign with clutter and not having enough information is to use a QR code. When a customer scans this code with a smartphone, he or she will be taken to your website. This is beneficial for the customer because it doesn't require him or her to remember a specific URL. Keep in mind that QR codes are best for signs that will be passed by pedestrians; a code provides no value for passing motorists, so think about the type of people who will be passing your sign. Contact a local sign company, like Sun Signs & Service, for more help.