3 Tips To Help Small Business Owners Work With A Graphic Designer

13 December 2016
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If your small business is in need of a little assistance in creating advertisements for your business or really solidifying your brand's image, a graphic designer can be a great partner to work with. Here are three tips that will help you work effectively with a graphic designer to produce content for your business.

#1 Establish A Realistic Time Frame

The first thing you need to do when establishing a working relationship with a graphic designer is to make sure that you set up a realistic and workable time frame with the graphic designer for how you foresee the project going. Make sure that you are willing to work with the graphic designer to establish a time frame that works both for your business needs and works with the graphic designer's business needs.

You are going to want to set specific deadlines for the first draft, the final proof, and for when the printed piece will be ready. This will help keep your project on track.

#2 Come Ready With Examples

Second, you are going to want to make sure that you head into the meeting with the graphic designer with some ideas of your own. Try to get together different pictures that show what you are looking for. For example, if there are specific colors that you really like, bring in some pictures that have those colors in it. Or, if you are looking for a specific feeling, such as a modern rustic look, bring in some examples that show that look. Pictures can often help you convey your vision more clearly to a graphic designer and will help the designer see what your expectations and vision are for the piece that you are hiring them for.

#3 Give Specific Feedback

Throughout the design process, you are going to need to give feedback to the graphic designer that you are working with. Try to be specific in your feedback. For example, don't just say, "that isn't what I am looking for," explain what you are looking for. A comment such as, "The letters are too big and seem to dominate the graphic, and the colors are a little dull and less vibrant than what I was looking for" will help your graphic designer get a lot closer to designing what you are looking for than a general comment. You should provide a lot of feedback on the first draft so that your graphic designer knows what you are looking for, and hopefully as you go through the process, less and less feedback will be needed.

While working with a graphic designer like 10 West Commercial Graphics, make sure that you provide examples of what you are looking for, set mutually agreed upon deadlines and provide constructive and specific feedback throughout the process.